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Every American Should Have One

scott jacobs' new american patriotism watch of "we the people"

That’s what our partner at Provenance Gems in Florida said when Scott came to view the Automatic “We the People” watch. Enclosed in a stainless steel case with sapphire crystal anti-reflective glass; this timepiece screams USA. Red, white and blue are already a significant combo, but when you add our Constitution and a revolver to…

Scott Jacobs’ Watch Collaboration with Cuervo Y Sobrinos

scott jacobs wearing his Felix watch he designed with Cuervo y Sobrinos

The Beginning In January 2020, Scott set up a folding table in his studio, took out Arches Paper, stencils, his regular and colored pencils and began designing watches. Yep, wristwatches inspired by motorcycle and car parts, submarines, and other concepts from his mind. I watched him trace circles and other shapes before adding shading and…

A New Collaboration: “Live to Ride” Watch

scott jacobs with his harley-davidson painting, Live to Ride

Our Introduction to Cuervo y Sobrinos Before I begin, I want to state that my dad and husband, Jared, are buddies.  They always share their newest discoveries with each other like tasty scotch and cool American-made clothing brands they find on Poshmark. One night on our Cuban cruise in January 2019, Scott and Jared walked…