Frequently Asked Questions

Selling Your Scott Jacobs Artwork

Looking to downsize your art collection or make room for new art by Scott Jacobs?
Perhaps we can help connect you with another Collector...
Continue reading for our requirements and instructions on how to proceed. 

First, please view the Buy Back images at the bottom of this page to see if your piece is currently sought after.

If you see your print:


  • Print must be published through Scott Jacobs Studio (2004 or newer)
  • Print must include the original Scott Jacobs Studio (SJS) Certificate of Authenticity (COA)
  • We will request photos of your piece to validate its authenticity - signature, serial number, overall condition of the print, and COA.
    *If you purchased your art from Jacobs Gallery, but have lost the COA, we can replace it for a small fee; contact Jacobs Gallery to get details.

Payment Process

  • If a sale price is agreed upon, it is the Client's responsibility to carefully pack the print in bubble wrap and a suitable shipping box for shipment to Deadwood, SD.  Shipping costs and insurance is covered by the seller.
    • If you have questions on how to properly package your print, please contact the Gallery.
  • As your consultant, Jacobs Gallery will obtain a fee of 10% from the sale price. 
  • A check will be issued less the fee after the piece has arrived at Jacobs Gallery and has passed inspection.
  • If for any reason your art does not pass inspection, the Gallery will contact you directly.

If you do NOT see your print:

  • From our experience, we suggest attempting to sell on eBay or another third party site for a private sale. If you choose to do so, we highly suggest you include an image of the COA.
  • If we can validate that your piece meets the same requirements listed above, we are happy to add you to our Collector/Seller List in order to aid in orchestrating a sale with another collector.
  • As your consultant, Jacobs Gallery will obtain a fee of 10% from the sale price.

If you have a Sold Out piece, but it is not on the list - view our Sold Out page HERE and feel free to call or email the Gallery to see if it is a piece of interest.


**Disclaimer:  The Gallery is not obligated to Buy Back your art. However, we are happy to add you to our Collector/Seller list if requirements are met.
We are legally unable to give appraisals on our artwork - we suggest contacting a licensed appraisal company for its value.


Buy Back Images Below

"Catch of the Day"

caught in a daydream harley painting by scott jacobs

"Caught in a Daydream"
"Life is a Cabernet"
"Members Only"