Alexa Jacobs

Alexa Jacobs was born in 1991 in New Jersey yet spent most of her life in San Diego, California. At age 15, she began working part-time for her dad, Scott, as an under-painter. The first time she painted lasted a brief 15 minutes before she was uninterested and ready to move on to her next teen adventure.

Although Scott thought he lost his apprentice forever, Alexa worked on and off for him, when she wasn't modeling for Harley-Davidson and other local apparel companies or being a pastry chef at a fine dining establishment. It wasn't until she had eight years of painting experience under her father that she gained enough courage to create art of her own.

The first few years painting on her own were spent experimenting with different mediums, subjects, and styles. Although she believes in the world of art you never stop discovering, she is confident she has found her niche as a contemporary photorealist artist.