Jacqueline Rinehart

I have been pursuing my art career for over 20 years and currently live in Lead, SD with my amazing husband. We both grew up in the mountains and love being in the Black Hills, where we are minutes away from hiking, fishing, or camping. My love for nature and art started as a child, growing up in the Rockies of Northern Colorado. My favorite gifts as a kid were always art supplies. I later turned my childhood passion into a B.S. in Fine Arts Degree from Black Hills State University.

My current painting series focuses on a deep fascination with the seemingly simple beauty of flowers. I strive to show the complex layering and subtle color shifts found in each of my subjects. I hope to translate the beauty I see in a God's creation in a way for others to connect with and enjoy.

I work from my own photographic references. First free hand sketching the subject to find the balance and composition for the piece. Then building depth and detail with shading, tone, and color. I love to work with oils for their ability to blend and remain vibrant and saturated. I am currently working on two floral series. One comprises close-up studies on large canvases. Creating a larger than life, almost abstract rendition of the subject. The second series pulls back, showing the full bloom. In this series, I utilize abstract acrylic poured backgrounds to support the realistic rendition of the subject in oils.


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