Todd Jacobs

"I started enjoying art early on as a teenager. I loved doing portraits with pen and ink and eventually grew interested in learning how to paint.

After high school, I pursued an education at Ringling School of Art and Design where I received my Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts.

After I graduated college in 2007, I wrote a hand-written letter to my uncle, Scott asking for an opportunity to move to California and work for him to learn more about art. After receiving the letter, he called and offered me a life-changing opportunity to work under him and be able to learn from one of the most amazing artists of our time.

This was the moment my artistic journey really took off.

Working for Scott has been such a blessing. I have learned techniques that I wouldn't have learned anywhere else. Having Scott as my mentor and critic has helped me refine my craft to a professional degree.

I spend my days working as Scott's right-hand man in Historic Deadwood, South Dakota alongside my family and trusted Cocker Spaniel, Casanova. I spend my nights with my loving wife, Noelle and our baby.

I look forward to growing my name in the art world while always looking for places where I can perfect my craft."