2023 Songwriter’s Fest in Deadwood

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Songwriter’s Fest in Deadwood

Deadwood does a great job at hosting events throughout the year.  The summer is always packed with festivities like Sturgis Rally, Kool Deadwood Nites, but they throw some of their best gatherings after the crowds shrink and the town gets quiet.

My favorite event happens every October and it’s called the Wild West Songwriter’s Fest.

Musicians from around the country make their way to Deadwood for a weekend of performances in businesses throughout Deadwood’s Main Street.

There are Local, Regional, and National musicians that come to sing their songs and share their stories behind the lyrics.

crowds in jacobs gallery during the wild west songwriter's fest in deadwood, sd

For the last seven years, we have been a location for these musicians to play.  It creates a completely different feel for the Gallery, but it also allows new people to experience our business for the first time.

How The Songwriter’s Fest Works in Deadwood

Every year, there’s one performance on Thursday night as a way of welcoming the event.  Then, Friday and Saturday are packed full of performances every hour at different locations on Main Street.

The earlier shows are normally the local songwriters and as the day progresses, there are musicians with songs like “She’s Country” by Jason Aldean that get on stage to share the story behind these iconic songs.

johnson singing at the songwriters festival in deadwood

Personally, my favorite people to watch are the regional artists.  They’re normally from Nashville, been singing and songwriting most of their life, and come to Deadwood to bring awareness to their name.  Their voices are gorgeous and the songs are raw.  This is just my opinion. 😛

musician playing at the wild west songwriters fest in deadwood. photo by olivia jacobs

If You Come, You MUST Stop In The Gallery

Over the years, the Songwriters have shared with Scott their love for playing inside the Gallery because it’s intimate, the sound is fantastic, and it’s a creative space where they feel inspired to play.

It’s been known throughout the musician community that Jacobs Gallery has the best sound for this event.  I heard a few of the songwriters walking on Main Street between shows saying exactly that this year.  Pretty cool, huh?  I guess having a musician and artist as a father, it should be expected!

scott jacobs and hendrix jacobs sitting in jacobs gallery during the 2023 songwriter's fest in deadwood

This year was Hendrix’s second festival, but I think we both enjoyed this year more.  Last year, I spent majority of the time changing diapers, feeding and trying to get him to nap.  Now that he’s older, he was able to appreciate the music.  He spent most of his time sitting with Pop Pop listening to tunes.

scott jacobs and hendrix watching the show during the wild west songwriter's fest in deadwood

Overall, if you have only ever visited during the Summer, I highly recommend you consider coming out in October.  It’s isn’t too cold yet and the Fall colors may be changing.

So plan 2024 now; it’s worth the trip!

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