2023 Daytona, Surf and Sand

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Scott’s Daytona Painting

Last year, we celebrated the 82nd Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and this year, Daytona Bike Week is celebrating their 82nd.

With this information, Scott saw an opportunity.

Since they’re both the same anniversary year, why not create a partner piece to goes alongside “We Ride Free… Because of the Brave”?!

Two of the largest motorcycle rallies; two Scott Jacobs paintings.

Starting the Painting

The first steps were creating a wine label in the computer with Dan.

“I wanted to create a painting for Daytona Bike Week that complimented the 82nd Sturgis Rally painting.  That meant designing another Art Deco-inspired label with an East Coast twist.

The woman in her bikini top and her motorcycle on the beach screams Florida since it’s one of the only beaches where you can ride your motorcycle on the sand.

The belt buckle and checkered flag indicates the heritage of Daytona itself.  When people think of Daytona, they don’t only think of Bike Week; they think of the Speedway.  I wanted to incorporate the essence of the area in the props I included in this painting” shared Scott.

scott jacobs' daytona bike week photo shoot

After Scott found the items he was searching for, he set up the items in his studio to photograph.

At first, I wasn’t sure why Scott was using his phone to shoot the research for this painting until I found out his phone has 48 megapixels!  If you don’t know; that’s a lot!  My professional camera doesn’t even have that many.  Oh, technology…

Anyway, Scott spent the afternoon trying different compositions before sending a few over to the Gallery team.  We all voted on the same image.

From there, he stretched the canvas, penciled in the basic outlines and started adding paint.

scott jacobs' paints in his art studioAs the paint was added, the painting started to come to life.  The bottle was given dimension, the belt buckle was given texture, and the corkscrew; reflection and light.

scott jacobs painting his daytona 2023 painting

scott painting the 2023 daytona bike week painting

Now that the painting is done and we’re set up during Daytona Bike Week outside the Teddy Morse’s Harley-Davidson in Ormond Beach, the public is able to see it in person and appreciate the intense details for themselves.

daytona bike week wine painting by scott jacobs

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scott jacobs' 82nd motorcycle rally paintings for sturgis and daytona