“Never Forget” – A Tribute to Our Soldiers

Scott Jacobs painting a patriotic image called Never Forget

Over the course of two years, Scott’s paintings have taken a deeper, more meaningful direction. Perhaps it’s because he’s getting older. It may also be because of the state of our country. All I can say is that I can see and feel it too. Social media and News Channels have made a fortune spotlighting…

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A New Patriotic Painting

Scott Jacobs with his completed patriotic painting, America first

Scott has been working his butt off, like usual, but the paintings he’s been creating lately have followed the same theme: Patriotism. The Making of “America First” The first image we’ll discuss is a bit different than what you’d expect from Scott. “I’ve been painting photorealism for over three decades.  With this style, I’m controlled by…

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The Story Behind Butterfly Art

scott jacobs butterfly painting called nature's prism

Unique Butterfly Artwork The catalyst for Scott’s butterfly paintings was after a massive loss in the Jacobs’ family.  Sharon’s mom, Deanna was killed in a car accident in 2004 and after her death, we started seeing butterflies in undeniably meaningful moments. When we spread her ashes, a butterfly flew overhead and landed on the box…

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2023 Daytona, Surf and Sand

scott jacobs working on his 2023 daytona bike week painting

Scott’s Daytona Painting Last year, we celebrated the 82nd Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and this year, Daytona Bike Week is celebrating their 82nd. With this information, Scott saw an opportunity. Since they’re both the same anniversary year, why not create a partner piece to goes alongside “We Ride Free… Because of the Brave”?! Two of the…

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Alexa Signs with Park West

alexa jacobs with her painting called Cross Examination

As a preteen, I’ll never forget waking up to my sister sitting in the middle of the couch watching cartoons with a Pop Tart and sketchbook in her lap. I was always blown away by her handwriting and natural ability to draw.  She’d place a sticker of her favorite character, Spongebob Squarepants on the sketch…

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Scott Jacobs’ Watch Collaboration with Cuervo Y Sobrinos

scott jacobs wearing his Felix watch he designed with Cuervo y Sobrinos

The Beginning In January 2020, Scott set up a folding table in his studio, took out Arches Paper, stencils, his regular and colored pencils and began designing watches. Yep, wristwatches inspired by motorcycle and car parts, submarines, and other concepts from his mind. I watched him trace circles and other shapes before adding shading and…

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2021 Sturgis Painting, “Moments Like These”

scott jacobs' finished 2021 sturgis rally painting

How the Sturgis Painting Started My dad saw a cute kid standing at checkout with his mom at Walmart. “I didn’t want to seem creepy, but I went up to his mom, explained I was an artist looking for a cute kid to use in my 2021 Sturgis painting. I gave her my number and…

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New Bourbon Painting

scott jacobs with his completed Pappy Van Winkle painting

How The Bourbon Series Started It’s been years since Scott’s brand specific whiskey paintings first kicked off.  It started with a small commission of Jameson that a collector wanted done for his grandson named Jameson. After completing the original, we released a small edition of 25 numbered prints with 3 AP’s and 3 HC’s.  To…

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Harley & Indian Wine in Simple Pleasures Suite

scott jacobs with his finished Indian motorcycle wine painting, Native Glow

Indian painting, “Native Glow” In 2006, Scott merged two of his favorite things – Harley-Davidson and wine – into a new genre of artwork.  The first four images sold out within weeks making his Harley-Davidson wine series Scott’s fastest selling series of his career. Since “Members Only“, the first painting of the series, he has…

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Scott’s 80th Anniversary Sturgis Painting

scott jacobs and hudsynn smiling for the camera at the end of their shoot

Sturgis Rally Celebrates Its 80th I’m sure we can all agree that 2020 has been a very strange year.  It was upsetting for us and many others, when the world shut down and worrisome for small towns like ours when we were unsure if we’d be open for summer.  Businesses in The Black Hills have…

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Scott’s New Painting, Indian 4 Life!

Indian 4 Life! An indian motorcycle painting by Scott Jacobs

Starting A Commission During Sturgis 2018, a client came into the Gallery to talk with Scott about a commission painting of his rare 1939 Indian Four. Later in the year, Scott flew to Minnesota to gather research photos of the motorcycle then began the brainstorming process of composition, colors, and overall feel. After several phone…

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The Last of the Shadow Series, “Play It Forward”

How It All Began… In 2017, Scott had an idea to start a new genre that he would eventually call The Shadow Series. “This series represents the imagination we all had as children. It symbolizes the dreams we had at a young age that we hoped would some day become true in adulthood,” said Scott.…

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Scott’s 2019 Sturgis Painting

Close up of Scott Jacobs' hand working on the 2019 Sturgis Rally painting

How it Got Started Every year, Scott releases a painting for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.  To be ahead of the game, we started brainstorming ideas early in the winter. That’s when the idea to do a photo contest came up.  Scott had done one once before in 1998 and received over 700 submissions, which is…

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Scott and Olivia Visit Ireland (Part 2)

Olivia Jacobs-Chrisman at a graffiti wall in Cobh Ireland

Day 4 & 5: Sea Days For the next two days, we sailed Southeast towards Ireland.  While on the ship, Park West had Scott’s official art auction where they almost sold the entire collection!  In the evenings after the auctions, Scott and I hosted dinner tables to get to know the wonderful collectors. Day 6:…

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Scott and Olivia Visit Iceland (Part 1)

Scott Jacobs relaxing in Iceland with his scotch

As we started our initial descent into the Keflavík International Airport, I was elated to get off the plane.  I started to get anxious about my first impression of this new place.  This was my first time visiting Iceland and my dad’s first time ever having a family member join him in this part of…

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Monthly Masterpiece, “Face To Face”

2009 – Scott’s Official Sturgis Painting This painting depicts a story of a biker pulling over to admire Mount Rushmore for the first time.  He sits on his bagger and contemplates the complexity and beauty of such an iconic American landmark, hence the title, “Face to Face”. Few people know that the model in the…

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A Motorcycle Accident That Changed Everything

Scott Jacobs’ Motorcycle Accident 2016 As many of you already know through social media, newspaper articles, and phone calls, Scott endured a traumatic injury during the 2016 Motorcycle Cannonball. For those that aren’t up to speed… Scott and Sharon signed up to race their two 1915 Harley-Davidson F Head’s across the country.  They started in…

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Jacobs Gallery Deadwood is Open!

We’re Open! Now that we’ve been open a whopping ten days, I can fill you in on how we’re doing in Deadwood! Our first official day being open was Fourth of July, but we decided to softly open our doors Saturday, the 2nd because we couldn’t contain our excitement any longer! Our new Jacobs Gallery…

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