Harley & Indian Wine in Simple Pleasures Suite

Indian painting, “Native Glow”

In 2006, Scott merged two of his favorite things – Harley-Davidson and wine – into a new genre of artwork.  The first four images sold out within weeks making his Harley-Davidson wine series Scott’s fastest selling series of his career.

Since “Members Only“, the first painting of the series, he has released close to 20 paintings in the series.

Fourteen years later, Scott decided to reinvent the genre and give an Indian wine painting a try.

scott jacobs' Indian motorcycle wine painting, native glow

“Since this was the first Indian wine piece, I knew it had to be a spectacular image.  I looked through all the Harley-Davidson wine images and one of my favorites has always been ‘A Time to Unwine’ because of the candle that brings a new element to the painting.  That’s why I used a candle in this one” said Scott.

Once the label was approved as digital artwork, Scott and Dan started constructing a scene that included warm colors and food that pairs well with red wine.

As the painting got closer to being finished, it was apparent that Scott was excited about finishing it.  (See photo as proof below!)

“I just love this painting.  The lighting, the colors, the overall feel – everything!  It just draws you in.  It may be tied with Daddy’s Girl as my favorite painting of 2020.

I wouldn’t say that any part was more difficult to paint than the other.  It was fun to paint it all!” shared Scott.


Choosing the Title

We posted the incomplete painting on Facebook and Instagram to have a title contest.  With this many years painting, it can be hard coming up with a clever title.

“When I saw the title recommendation on Facebook, I knew right away that it was the winner.”


My Interpretation of “Native Glow”

The finished product is something we (our family and staff) have all fallen in love with.  The colors are more monochromatic than his normal palette so it exudes a fiery, sultry atmosphere.  Especially with a strong and beautiful woman like the Native warrior on the label.

It’s the small things you begin to notice when you spend more time in front of the painting.  If you look closely at the grapes, you can see reds blended in with the cool purples to show the candlelight bouncing off them.

scott jacobs with his finished Indian motorcycle wine painting, Native Glow

Harley-Davidson painting, “Off the Wagon”

Before “Native Glow” was finished, Scott worked on a new Harley wine painting.

Since Harley-Davidson wine paintings have been around for over a decade and a half, he wanted to paint elements that had never been included before like aged wood or greenery.

“I love painting weathered wood.  It’s challenging because no piece of wood is the same.  I had to pay attention to the moss, cracks and colors of each spoke of the wagon wheel.  The wood in the background took me over two weeks.”

“The little sections in each leaf was very time-consuming.  I had to isolate each cell, add highlights and lowlights then repeat on an entire vine” Scott remembered.off the wagon, scott's 2020 harley-davidson wine painting


The Wine Label

“When I started the Harley wine series, I was only allowed to paint a chateau.  In 2013 for the 110th Anniversary, I was given approval to design a new label that included a motorcycle and woman.  (See “A Fine Year”)  This is the second wine label that ventured outside the Harley chateau I stared with.”

off the wagon, scott's 2020 harley-davidson wine painting

What is the Simple Pleasures Suite?

For years, we have wanted to create a pair of motorcycle wine paintings.  Since Indian and Harley are the last US motorcycle companies that are still operating, we decided to use these two to kick that concept off.

With the warmth of “Native Glow” and the complexity of “Off the Wagon”, we chose to offer these two at the same size with the same frame.

simple pleasures suite of "native glow" and "off the wagon"Click the image above to see details.


  1. Patricia Harris bayne on 11/02/2020 at 5:48 PM

    wonderful and beautiful how much is the suite? we love it Harry loves it too

    • Olivia Jacobs on 11/04/2020 at 11:16 AM

      Hi Patsy! The suite is $2,000 framed and including shipping. 😀

  2. Bruce Kersis on 11/02/2020 at 7:08 PM

    Beautiful work Scott. Enjoying my Sturgis commemorative ring that you designed. Hope everyone in your family is well. We will always stop by when We’re in the area. Take care Brother.

    • Olivia Jacobs on 11/04/2020 at 11:16 AM

      Hi Bruce, glad you’re enjoying and thank you for your support.

  3. Patrick on 11/02/2020 at 8:06 PM

    Love your art work and I’m always glad to visit your gallery when I’m in the area.

    • Olivia Jacobs on 11/04/2020 at 11:15 AM

      Thanks Patrick! We love having you.