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Category Archives: Artist Spotlight

Scott’s 2019 Sturgis Painting

Close up of Scott Jacobs' hand working on the 2019 Sturgis Rally painting

How it Got Started Every year, Scott releases a painting for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.  To be ahead of the game, we started brainstorming ideas early in the winter. That’s when the idea to do a photo contest came up.  Scott had done one once before in 1998 and received over 700 submissions, which is…

Alexa Jacobs’ New Painting, Bite Me

finished painting called bite me by Alexa Jacobs Art

The Creation of “Bite Me” Before I begin telling the story of this particular painting, I wanted to shed some light on Alexa while when were growing up. As kids, Alexa was drawing and practicing her hand-writing whenever she could.  She became everyone’s designated Sign Maker, especially for our No Trespassing signs we hung outside…

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Painting

Indian Summer by Scott Jacobs

The Creation of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Release Every Summer is Scott’s opportunity to really show the world his artistic talent.  When he comes out with a new Sturgis Motorcycle Rally piece each year, hundreds of thousands of visitors rush to the Gallery to see it in person. I can only imagine the pressure Scott feels…