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As a preteen, I’ll never forget waking up to my sister sitting in the middle of the couch watching cartoons with a Pop Tart and sketchbook in her lap.

I was always blown away by her handwriting and natural ability to draw.  She’d place a sticker of her favorite character, Spongebob Squarepants on the sketch paper and draw an enlarged version of that sticker next to it.  It looked like she simply scanned the sticker and enlarged it in the computer.

Her artistic talent wasn’t a huge surprise given who our dad is, but it was still impressive how young is showed.  She began painting for our dad as an under painter around 14 years old.  She loved getting acrylic nails and needed a way to pay for them!

Over the years, she transitioned from being an under painter for Scott to exploring her own style.  She released her first print called “Follow Me” in 2015 which sold out in less than six months!

painting by alexa jacobs of a women in louis vuitton heels, called Follow Me


While we were on a small island in the The Bahamas in February 2022, we ran into acquaintances at dinner.  One of them was the manager of an international artist who signed with Park West Gallery, the company our dad has been signed with since 2004.

Alexa and the manager started talking about her artwork and how she had been in contact with Park West a couple years ago but didn’t feel ready as an artist.  She showed some of her newest works and how she now felt like she was ready to give it a go.


Before Park West was to book an event, Alexa needed a strong collection of at least 30 works.  That meant honing in on a style and creating a portfolio that was cohesive.

alexa jacobs-perce kissing her daughter Daisy in her art studio

“Becoming a mom helped me tap into a new level of patience I didn’t know existed.

Being pregnant forced me to slow down and focus on my art because I only had short windows of time before I needed a nap. It is now similar to having a baby. I have to focus and create my best work in small windows of time.”

pearls painting by alexa jacobs-perce

“My art has matured over the years, especially after having my daughter, Daisy.

I love art history and how Park West respects it and the artists themselves.  They are passionate and understand what goes into my creations” she said.


Alexa and Scott arrived in Rome, Italy a day before they had to get on the cruise ship.

They walked the city and enjoyed Italian wine and cheese together.  This was their first trip ever traveling alone; just Scott and Alexa.

”It gave me time to spend with just Alexa.  It was a great time watching her career take off as her father.  I’m so proud” said Scott as he teared up.

artists alexa jacobs-perce and scott jacobs

“This was the first time I had been away from Daisy.  It was hard and I missed her terribly, but I knew that I needed to stay focused on my upcoming event and the clients that are supporting my art career” shared Alexa.

artist alexa jacobs-perce in rome italyI have to add a photo showing Alexa’s personality.  (You’re welcome, Lex!)

artist, alexa jacobs being weird in italy

Once aboard the ship, they got settled into their cabins and quickly went to find Alexa’s artwork.  She had shipped everything to Park West unframed so it was exciting to find out how they looked framed for their debut.

alexa jacobs with her painting called Cross Examination

Later, they made their way to the cocktail lounge to have a drink while the ship left Port.  A family tradition we all enjoy.  🙂

artists scott jacobs and daughter alexa jacobs-perce having cocktails on a cruise ship


Scott had his event first which went extremely well.

Alexa wasn’t introduced until three days later and was told not to tell anyone she was an artist.

At the dinners and cocktail hours prior to her introduction, she was a fitness instructor and helped at her husband, Brandon’s supplement store, Superior Nutrition when she wasn’t at home raising Daisy.

“It was so hard not sharing that I was an artist” exclaimed Alexa.  “I didn’t like feeling like I was lying to them but their reactions when I was brought on stage with my artwork was well worth the temporary deception.”


Because of the time difference, Alexa was brought on stage in the morning back home.  Sharon, Brandon, Daisy, Hendrix and I gathered in front of my TV with coffee and pastries to watch her big moment via FaceTime from Scott’s phone.

We were smiling proudly as she spoke about her childhood with an artistic father, how her career began, and the small collection of pieces they showed the crowd as a teaser.

brandon perce, sharon jacobs, hendrix jacobs, olivia jacobs watching alexa's art auction



The following evening was her actual event where the collectors saw her full portfolio.

“Seeing my art framed and displayed beautifully felt surreal!  I’ve been traveling the world with my family for my dad’s art auctions since 2004.  Going from “Scott’s daughter” to now “Art by Lex” was a definite Pinch Me moment” she reflected.

art by lex art collection

After the event, Scott and Alexa had a couple more days aboard the ship where they continued to mingle with clients and sell a total of 27 of her 30 paintings!

They disembarked in Croatia where they stayed for two nights.  She was able to let her adrenaline fade and reflect on what an amazing first event that truly was.

We are all so proud of you, Alexa.  Congratulations!



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