Scott Jacobs’ Watch Collaboration with Cuervo Y Sobrinos

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The Beginning

In January 2020, Scott set up a folding table in his studio, took out Arches Paper, stencils, his regular and colored pencils and began designing watches.

Yep, wristwatches inspired by motorcycle and car parts, submarines, and other concepts from his mind.

I watched him trace circles and other shapes before adding shading and color to his raw creations.

scott drawing sketches of his cuervo y sobrinos watch

Once he had different concepts drawn out, we flew to Florida to meet with the team at Provenance Gems, Cuervo y Sobrinos‘ official USA partner.

Scott sat down with Marek, President of Cuervo y Sobrinos USA to discuss the designs and see if any of them could be made into time pieces.

My dad, being my dad, had a plan of how he wanted to unveil them.  First, he laid his pencil sketches out across the table for Marek to review knowing full well that he wouldn’t be THAT impressed.  Once they started to discuss the drawings, Scott held up his finger and coyly pulled out a stack of beautifully mounted digital renderings of the concepts on presentation board.  Scott and Dan had spent hours in the computer creating these as the second phase of wowing the team in Florida.

scott talking about the cuervo y sobrinos watch in florida

Marek’s face lit up when they were placed in front of him.  Much more impressive than the original drawings, I must add!

Hours went on as Marek, James and Scott took notes and critiqued each concept.  They started rating their favorites according to which was most unique and could be widely appreciated.  That’s when the watch they quickly began nicknaming one of them as “Felix”.

Marek shared, “the design made everyone smile when we saw it and the dial composition fit the Vuelo Chronograph perfectly. The watch looked amazing in the design stage, rarely does a project come to life so well.”

scott talking about the cuervo y sobrinos watch in florida

Inspiration for Felix

“First off, I love watches and wanted to design something different from anything I have seen before.

When I started the process, I began looking up gauges on submarines and parts from cars and vintage motorcycles as inspiration.  I even studied the gauges and other parts from the Steampunk Lamps we sell in the Gallery,” said Scott.

The Details Behind the Watch

The Historiador Vuelo, Cuervo y Sobrinos brings to life the most emblematic historic model in a new creative and ingenious design.

This case is designed with an incomparable complexity, its construction is highly sophisticated, with lugs separately built and perfectly screwed to the case. Their shape is highly in accordance with the pushers’ design. 

An up-to-date chronograph to satisfy a refined, demanding public seeking luxury and distinctive products. The “Vuelo” has a contemporary touch underlined by the multilevel and complex dial, with small seconds and minutes counters on the first level, 24 hours, index and numbers on the second level and minutes and seconds printing on the third level. 

The Stainless Steel case has a diameter of 44 mm personalized with “Vuelo” on the lateral side houses a Dubois Dépraz 30342 movement with date and 24 hours, a power reserve of 40 hours. A tachymeter scale is engraved on bezel. 

A modern yet captivating look comes by the Cuervo y Sobrinos designed hours and minutes hands in a steel blue with white superluminova, a central second chrono in steel blue color with an empty triangular tip in red to highlight the Cuervo y Sobrinos blazon, and 24 hours hand shining-steel blue. 


Historiador Vuelo watch by Scott Jacobs and Cuervo y sobrinos, also known as the Felix

Esplendidos “Pat’s Pride” Watch

To continue on the theme of wearable art, we created a watch using one of Scott’s paintings called “Pat’s Pride”.  This watch, Scott decided to use an image of a rare Knucklehead that belongs to close friends, Cris and Pat Simmons.

“The Harley-Davidson Model EL Knucklehead is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful motorcycles I have had the pleasure to paint.  One of the most coveted of all American made motorcycles, it gets its name from the resemblance the huge rockers have to clenched fists. They set records for both speed and endurance.

When avid vintage motorcycle collectors Pat and Cris Simmons heard about this 1939 Knucklehead Bobber for sale, they jumped at the chance to add it to their collection. Though, it’s not in original factory condition with it’s strikingly bold custom blue and yellow paint, bobbed fenders and knobby tires, it’s a real eye catcher and fun to ride, plus a true joy to paint and bring to life for motorcycle enthusiasts all over the world” shared Scott.

Our 2021 Watchescuervo y sobrinos watches collaboration with scott jacobs

These two timepieces are available for a limited time.  With supply being reduced due to the current state of the world, the quantities of each design are extremely lower than we hoped, so you must act quickly if you’re interested.

Expect a 4-6 week turnaround once your order is placed.  Perhaps the perfect present for Christmas!

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