Every American Should Have One

scott wearing the we the people watches designed by scott jacobs, swiss made by aviator watches

That’s what our partner at Provenance Gems in Florida said when Scott came to view the Automatic “We the People” watch.

Enclosed in a stainless steel case with sapphire crystal anti-reflective glass; this timepiece screams USA.

Red, white and blue are already a significant combo, but when you add our Constitution and a revolver to the mix, your inner self wants to sing the National Anthem.

“We the People” was a painting that Scott completed in the Summer of 2022 and it quickly became one of his Best Sellers selling out of the Over-Size edition in days and over 100 prints in a couple months!

“I couldn’t believe how quickly this image sold.  I knew it would do well, but not THIS well”, shared Scott.scott with "we the people" painting by scott jacobs of the us constitution, revolver and american flag

Read the story behind “We the People” here.

Wearable Art

It was the middle of August when Scott spoke to Marek at Provenance Gems about designing a new Swiss-Made watch.

“I love this painting.  I thought that any American who believes in our Constitutional Rights would be proud to wear a watch called ‘We the People’.  With the success of the artwork, I thought this would be a home run” reflected Scott.

And Scott was right!

Before a digital drawing was even started, we had a waiting list of collectors wanting to add it to their wardrobe.

scott jacobs wearing his patriotic watch of We the People painting

We are so impressed with Aviator’s execution of this design and we have you love it too!


we the people watches designed by scott jacobs, swiss made by aviator watches


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