The Story Behind Butterfly Art

Unique Butterfly Artwork

The catalyst for Scott’s butterfly paintings was after a massive loss in the Jacobs’ family.  Sharon’s mom, Deanna was killed in a car accident in 2004 and after her death, we started seeing butterflies in undeniably meaningful moments.

When we spread her ashes, a butterfly flew overhead and landed on the box of ashes and then on Sharon’s finger.  We were all stunned by the experience and KNEW it was her saying hello and though her body wasn’t here anymore, her spirit was.

The craziest part is that they kept happening over the next decade.

sharon jacobs with a butterfly landing on her hand while spreading her mom's ashes

A couple years after her passing, Sharon and Scott were having breakfast with some friends while visiting The Black Hills for Sturgis Rally.  Their friend has gifted Sharon a tiny hand-painted vase with butterflies on it because they knew of their significance in the family.  Upon opening the present, a butterfly was seen tapping the window next to Sharon’s chair at breakfast.

Everyone noticed the butterfly’s strange behavior as it deliberately tapped from outside.  They were all convinced it was Deanna letting her daughter know that she was still with her.

I could keep going about experiences I personally had with my mom, sister and our dogs, or the motorcycle ride and the butterfly tapping my helmet, but I think you get the idea of their spiritual connection to my family.

“I started painting the butterfly images to pay homage to Deanna.  She was like a mother to me, she lived with us for years, and I missed her a lot” shared Scott.

The first butterfly painting, “Charlie” was created with a purple butterfly landing on their dog’s nose.

a scott jacobs painting of charlie, their dog with a butterfly on his nose

Scott’s butterfly genre continued to grow as he explored different mediums, like Pen & Ink originals, watercolors, and splatter paint and started bringing them to his international Park West events.

Scott said, “it’s common for every butterfly painting to sell at the first art event they’re shown.”

scott jacobs holding a butterfly painting called "color my world"

Since the originals have sold so quickly, Scott released an edition of his Pen and Ink’s and it sold out in two shows!

To pivot and try again, we released an edition in 2023 called “All That Glitters” which is a hand-embellished Giclee on Canvas with variegated gold leaf applied to each print.  This makes each one custom/unique art to collect.

butterfly painting by scott jacobs called all that glitters

“Nature’s Prism”

In preparation for Scott’s upcoming art show overseas, he finished a handful of butterfly originals.

One of them is a Pen & Ink original of a butterfly drinking from a French marigold called “Nature’s Prism”.  With the expectation that it will sell the first night of the event, we are releasing 25 prints also.  We know those could sell quickly too, so we are holding FIVE numbers for OUR Jacobs Gallery clients!

This doesn’t mean they’ll be available forever.  If all 25 numbers sell at his upcoming event, we have to let the five prints we’re keeping go to their rightful owner.

What does this mean?

From experience, these five numbers (#1-5) could be available for two months since Scott travels each month for an art event.  (I wrote this blog as fast as I could so you had as much time as possible to think about it!)

nature's prism original pen and ink with a unique watercolor version next to it

The image above shows the original Pen & Ink (left) that took Scott 50 hours to draw out and a hand-painted print as a mirror image (left) that will be framed with the original for his event.

hand-painted butterfly print of "nature's prism" pen and ink by scott jacobs

The Hand-Painted Prints

I asked Scott why he likes these pen and ink prints so much and his answer was,

“What I love about these prints is that every print is different.  I like imagining that the black line drawing is a coloring book; I can create whatever patterns and color combinations I want.

It’s also the perfect option for collectors that are serious about purchasing an original Scott Jacobs painting because the price tag is significantly lower” Scott said.

scott jacobs painting the butterfly print "nature's prism"

scott jacobs painting the butterfly giclee on paper called "nature's prism"

scott jacobs painting the butterfly print "nature's prism"From the start to finish of Scott working on this particular print, it took him THREE HOURS just to watercolor!  Crazy, right?

Click an image to check pricing and availability.

Scott’s Butterfly Art, “Nature’s Prism”

butterfly painting by scott jacobs called all that glitters

Paper Size:  18.25″ X 15″

Medium: Hand-Colored Giclee on Arches Paper