Bikernet Sends Young Artist to Scott’s Artist Retreat

Capturing Scott’s Realism Secrets at His First Ever Artist Retreat
By Frank Ball Jr.  Photos by the Jacobs Gallery.

On arrival to Deadwood we checked into the Deadwood Mountain Grand. I lucked out with a corner room on the third floor.  It had an amazing view of Deadwood’s Main Street.  Couldn’t sleep, so I took a stroll around town.

Before leaving the lobby, I checked out a display of different Harley-Davidson paintings of Scott’s. This guy’s ability with realism is insane.  I am trying to infuse more realism into my tattoo and painting efforts, so I was excited about this week learning directly from Scott.

I felt honored and grateful to be a part of Scott’s first Artist Retreat in the history of his career.  I cruised around Scott’s gallery for a bit checking out the incredible layout and what seemed to be a never-ending supply of incredible paintings on display.

scott jacobs artist retreat 2017

The energy is this place was amazing and took me off-guard for a second, there was so much to take in.

As we walked upstairs, we stepped into the actual studio where Scott creates his masterpieces.  His daughter, Alexa, nephew, Todd and another artist, Dan were set up ready to start teaching our small class of only twelve students.

artist retreat at scott jacobs gallery 2017After an introduction by the man himself, he began explaining the paint volumes and brushes we’d use during the Retreat.  The subject the class would work on is a wine bottle with a glass and cork/cork screw on top of a wine barrel.

scott jacobs teaching an art class


  1. Julie Westervelt` on 10/06/2017 at 12:42 AM

    The Artist Retreat last May was an awesome experience, and a first for me. Never having painted, I wanted to try my hand at it. Under Scott’s counsel, I learned some carefully guarded secrets (which will go with me to my grave), Since returning back home I have not yet stopped painting. Now, when I’m not singing or composing, I’m painting.

    The Scott Jacobs Gallery is not to be missed. It is a huge revamped building from the wild west in Deadwood, SD.
    His instructors during the retreat were, without a doubt, the best. There wasn’t any question that couldn’t be answered.
    I so appreciate the extra time and help as it made for an unforgettable experience.
    Thank you Scott… and everyone. Looking forward to 2018!