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Graduate's Testimonials

Mary P. 2020


Thank you to the whole Jacobs Family and Team. Stephen had the best time and I did as well getting to know everyone.  It was an amazing trip! We have already put his painting in our traveling home and it looks great! 

Much love and hugs to you to all!



I’ve already said this, but thank you for everything Olivia.  This Retreat is your brainchild and you’ve given immense meaning to the attendees’ lives and probably that to your family’s as well.

I cannot completely express my gratitude to you and your family. See you again next year!

Diann W. 2019

New Jersey

My best memory was giving birth to my son, second was marrying my husband, and third was coming here to the 2018 Artist Retreat.



I feel like this year [2018] I got so much more than I did last year.  I got every one of my questions that I brought with me answered.  The reason I got them all answered is because all 4 artists were there and were able to answer different things at different times when it was appropriate...



"Let me start by saying that the 1st Scott Jacobs Artist Retreat was an outstanding success, what an amazing time we all had!  This truly was an experience of a lifetime and I will be forever grateful to have had the chance to be a part of this wonderful event.  To have the chance to learn from such incredibly talented artists as Scott, Dan, Todd & Alexa, well it just doesn't get any better than that!  

The art instruction was so worthwhile and valuable, more information than I thought possible to learn.  At times, it was daunting and felt far beyond my abilities, but the excitement we all felt when we actually completed or tackled a technique was so rewarding!  

I really do believe we all will finish our pictures and send Scott a photo, it just may take some of us a while to complete.  I can't wait to take what I learned and see how my work improves & changes as I explore these new techniques.

All aspects of the Retreat exceeded my expectations, it truly was an experience I will treasure forever!  I met some really nice people and several of us plan to stay in touch with each other.  I'm hoping my husband & I can visit Deadwood next year, I can't stop talking about how beautiful the area is.  

Please share my heartfelt thanks with everyone at the gallery who had any part in making the Retreat happen and also the wonderful staff at The Deadwood Mountain Grand.  

A special thank you to our shuttle drivers, (Chad, Jerry, & Steve) who went above & beyond to make sure our stay was memorable."



"I wanted to say thanks one more time for the Retreat. I have not really done anything with art since high school…couple of sketches here and there…but your Retreat was such an inspiration and I have had the time of my life getting into painting.

I did a little watercolor and oil in high school, but never acrylic, so it's been a challenge. But you guys all inspired me and I’m so humbled that we had the opportunity to come there and learn directly from Scott and everyone else.

I hope I get to attend the next one….I’m already compiling my list of questions to bring with me."



"I enjoyed the class so much. You saw I’m not much of a painter but I gave it all I had.

The other students were nice. I was glad to meet them all.

The “teachers” were all very helpful.

The activities outside the classroom were great.

I had a wonderful time with all of you. I can’t say enough about how much I think of the Jacobs.

You are all the best!"



"Dear Scott, Sharon, Olivia & Alexa, (Danial, Todd & Darren)

I'd like to use this forum as a "Thank You" note ~ I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.

You thought of everything, from the apron to the glaze.  As a previous project manager for 20 years, I was impressed with how organized and prepared you all were to teach, include and entertain 12 new people. By the time I left, I felt as if we were all a family, having shared a personal and united experience.

I have been able to acquire the paint, supplies and the glaze and am in the process of competing my picture.  I'm committed to continuing on in my learning process (between music teaching, band rehearsals and gigs).  Making the uninterrupted time to do acrylic painting is critical, but can be a challenge.

Olivia, Scott, Danial, Todd & Darren, helped to make the whole learning experience delightful.  You are all professional and kind people.  What fun it would be to reunite next year either in the same setting or another of your choosing for a reunion, and perhaps another class.  I can even see us spending perhaps 4 or 5 days in a tropical inspirational setting  (Cabo...?).  By creating this event and bringing these individuals together I think great synergy was developed and some friendships made.

Lastly, "hats off" to your lovely wife, Sharon (the sweetest woman ever) and your beautiful daughters, especially Olivia who orchestrated the entire event beautifully.  She and I have become friends, and I am so happy that she is having the honeymoon of her dreams.

Thank you again, and I hope you will all stay in touch."



"I finished my painting and loved the class! I am excited to start my next painting.

I felt I improved daily during the Retreat.  Still a long way from where I want to be. One regret is that I didn't get to know my fellow students better.  

It was fabulous!"

2021 Outline

(May be subject to change)

Day 1 - May 12th

  • Arrival Day
  • Complimentary shuttle from Rapid City Airport (RAP) to hotel
  • Welcome Party

Day 2 - May 13th

  • First day of painting with Masters Scott Jacobs, Alexa Jacobs and Todd Jacobs
  • Evening Entertainment

Day 3 - May 14th

  • Second day of painting
  • Evening Entertainment

Day 4 - May 15th

  • Third day of painting
  • Evening Entertainment

Day 5 - May 16th

  • Fourth day of painting
  • Painting Completion
  • Farewell Party

Day 6 - May 17th

  • Departure Day
  • Complimentary shuttle to Rapid City Airport (RAP)

    • Option to extend your hotel stay (additional nights not included in Artist Retreat)
    • Option to rent a vehicle (not included in Artist Retreat) to tour the area.
scott helping Blake during the 2018 artist retreat

Included in the Artist Retreat

  • Shuttle service to and from Rapid City Airport
  • Hotel
  • Evening Entertainment
  • Painting Materials
  • An experience you'll remember forever!


  • A $2,000 Deposit is required upon reservation.
  • Remaining balance of $2,000 is due 30 days before start date.
    • Payment plan is available to pay remaining balance.  Must be paid in full 30 days before the start date.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the Retreat be held?

Jacobs Gallery - Deadwood

The majority of your Retreat will take place inside Jacobs Gallery which was opened in July 2016.  This museum-like store showcases over ten Jacobs Originals, seven vintage motorcycles, and of course, Scott's Private Studio upstairs.

Where will we stay?

Deadwood Mountain Grand

Included in the cost of the Retreat is a hotel suite in a historic part of Deadwood's Gold Mining history.  The Deadwood Mountain Grand, formerly known as the town's slime plant in 1876 was remodeled into a large scale entertainment venue, hotel, and casino.

What is Deadwood?

Deadwood, South Dakota

This Historic town is best known for its famous names that have passed through here.  Men like Wild Bill Hickok and Seth Bullock, and women like Calamity Jane and Poker Alice, are what made this town so legendary.  Behind all the historic facades is plenty of modern-day fun.  Casinos, bars that look like they came straight out of an old western film, clothing boutiques, museums, and more grace the streets for visitors to enjoy.

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