Deadwood – February Update

Jacobs Gallery Renovation

I wanted to share more new photos I received from Sharon in Deadwood.

As you can see, the Goldberg side is looking really good!  The motorcycle pods are installed and waiting to be enclosed so that we’ll be able to hang art on the inside.  A motorcycle will then sit on top of each pod for everyone to admire.

The brick wall behind it was too fragile to leave exposed, so it will be enclosed in sheetrock to hang art as well.



The meat locker, built between 1893-1901, will be moved across the room (to the back right side of this photo) since the floor is now complete and its cement footings are dried.

Moving the meat locker will be a big project for the entire crew to participate in.

Treber Updates

Now that the footprint of the bathrooms and kitchens are down, we can lay the first level of the floor down to walk throughout the building more easily.  Using planks is fun and all, but after months of watching where you’re stepping can get old real quick.

The framework for the walls is starting to be built which will make this part of Treber look clean and new.  Another motorcycle pod has been installed on this side as well so we have enough place on the floor for merchandise.  We don’t want kids climbing our vintage motorcycles! :O


Before we know it, we’ll be filling the store with art, merchandise, and vintage motorcycles!  Until then, we continue to use our imagination to picture how amazing it will look when it’s all finished. 

We can’t wait to see you in Deadwood soon!