Deadwood – January Update

Deadwood’s Newest Business

I wanted to share some new photos that Sharon sent over from Deadwood since she’s the only Jacobs on ground zero at the moment. She will be there for the week to check on the progress and attend meetings so that we are sure to open as soon as possible.


Goldberg Meat Locker

Goldberg’s meat locker was built by The Butcher Boys between 1893-1901.  This photo was taken early in the renovation before we dismantled the whole thing and moved it.  Since this picture was taken, the ceiling and floor around it have been ripped up leaving it sitting there all alone and awkward.

Cement footings were poured in preparation of its big move… 15 feet over on the other side of the room.  We’ll be turning the meat locker into a Hat Room where many different styles of hats will be on display.

Once the base of the floor is down around the footings, we will be ready to move it.  This will take the entire crew plus volunteers and a crane to safely relocate it.

Right now, it sits fully assembled in order to avoid any unnecessary damage.

Deadwood Floors

Treber Deadwood

The Treber side of our future gallery needs some work, just like the rest of it, but luckily the floor is in better shape than the Goldberg side, so we will be able to lay the floor more quickly.

Bathrooms, storage, and a full kitchen are being framed out towards the back of Treber.  Once the footprint of each room is framed out, we will begin working our way towards the front of the store. 🙂

We refer to the left side as Goldberg and right as Treber because when the building was established in 1876, it was originally two separate stores.  Goldberg was a grocery store and Treber was a liquor store.  Since then, the past owner blew a hole through the adjoining brick wall to more easily walk from one side to the other.

P&L Carpentry Deadwood

It’s hard being in California and receiving photos of its progress when I’d love to be there getting dusty and being involved in the daily decision-making.  I trust Sharon and her vision – doesn’t make it any easier being 1,400 miles away though!

Not only am I anxious, but the town of Deadwood seems like they may be more anxious for our opening than we are!

In order to ensure we finish as soon as possible, contractor Charlie and his new friend, Paul of P&L Construction are making sure everyone stays on task so we’re ready for Summer of 2016!

Till next time,




  1. Janet Chyba Thoresen on 08/14/2016 at 2:21 PM

    Looking good. I am Larry Shamas cousin living in Spearfish. I worked ai the First National Bank next door and bought many a donut from Goldgergs for coffee break. My daughter worked at the soda fountain there during summer break at the HS in Deadwood. Lots of memories in those 2 stores as well as all of Dwd.