“Young Bull” 20 X 13


Giclee on Canvas

Image Size: 20″ X 13″

Edition Size: 25

Olivia’s Story:

“Over the years while living in The Black Hills, I have befriended a buffalo ranch in Scenic, SD.  Wild Idea Buffalo Company is one of the most integral companies I’ve ever met.  They have over 10,000 acres with 1,000 head of buffalo on their ranch.  They are never given antibiotics, separated into different groups of age or sex; they’re kept wild and free until the day they take their last breath.

While on a private tour and dinner on their property, I snapped this photo of a young bull at sunset.

FUN FACT: You can tell the sex of a buffalo based on the shape of their horns.  Female’s horns are curved inward so they can scoop and throw predators trying to eat their babies and male’s horns are pointed outward for fighting.”

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