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Family Owned

Established in 1978 and still operated by the Jacobs Family.

High Standard

Hyper-realism, Contemporary Art, and Fine Art Photography.

Customer Care

Without our clients, we wouldn't be the top Art Gallery in The Black Hills.


Scott Jacobs

In 1978, Scott became the youngest Art Gallery & Framing business owner in the country. By the mid-80s he owned three of the most successful galleries in the East Coast.

Scott began portrait art in the late 80s capturing attention from celebrities around the globe.

His art evolved into photorealistic images of motorcycles and cars.

In 1993, Scott became the first licensed Harley-Davidson® artist in the world.

His portfolio grew as he became noticed by Chevrolet, Mattel Hot Wheels, Elvis Presley Ent., Marilyn Monroe Estates, and more.

What sets Scott apart is his ability to infuse life and vitality into each piece.

There's an undeniable energy pulsing through everything he touches. Whether it's his fine art or his beautiful collection of luxury watches.

The Jacobs Legacy

Photorealistic Motorcycle & Automobile Art

A Watch Collaboration

The catalyst for Scott’s creation of wearable art was sparked by his love of cars.

"I wanted to design something different from anything I have seen before" shared Scott.

And so, the Scott Jacobs Watch Collection began.

Art For Every Room

Browse our large portfolio of Fine Art to find the perfect piece for your Home Decor.

Our Gallery Team is happy to assist in fitting your space, style, and budget.

Commission Art

If you're looking for a specific subject or you want to use your own props, Scott can transform your idea into a masterpiece that will last generations.

Artist Retreats

Learn to paint with Scott

Join us in Scott's private studio as you immerse yourself in the art world.

Whether you're a professional artist or picking up a paintbrush for the first time, this event is going to rock your socks off.

Enjoy an experience of a lifetime

With an easy to follow curriculum and fun teachers to guide you through each step, you're bound to enjoy the five-day event in Deadwood, South Dakota.

Historic Deadwood

Explore a town that feels like you've stepped back in time.

Enjoy its rich history during the Gold Rush, be a part of local events, delicious dinners, and intimate group parties while you're visiting us in The Black Hills, South Dakota.

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Scott's canvas art has been licensed for icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Harley-Davidson, Corvette, and Carroll Shelby.

Client Reviews

"One of Jacobs' most remarkable qualities is his versatility as an artist. He effortlessly transitions between genres and styles, each piece showcasing his boundless creativity and artistic vision. From hyper-realistic portraits to abstract interpretations of the world around him, Jacobs' oeuvre is as diverse as it is captivating."

Niki Prince

Art Curator