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Original Art

One of a kind works of art hand-crafted by Scott Jacobs.


Amazing Photorealistic Art, Contemporary Art and Fine Art Photography.


Scott Jacobs

Be it a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle, a vintage car, a fine bottle of wine, or a delicate dew-covered flower, Scott's meticulous attention to detail surpasses all expectations. Each intricacy is perfected, down to the reflections within reflections.

Scott is best known for his photorealistic paintings, particularly in the realm of motorcycles and automotive art.

His paintings have been collected around the globe, they've graced the walls in prestigious Museums as well as celebrities' private collections.

What sets Scott apart is his ability to infuse his pieces with a sense of life and vitality. Whether he's depicting a serene landscape or a bustling cityscape, there's an undeniable energy that pulses through each of his works.

Scott Jacobs

Photorealistic Motorcycle & Automobile Art

Why Butterflies?

The catalyst for Scott’s butterfly paintings was after a massive loss in the Jacobs’ family. Sharon’s mom, Deanna was killed in a car accident in 2004 and after her death, we started seeing butterflies in undeniably meaningful moments.

Customizable Art

Select the portfolio of art to find the perfect piece that fits your space, style, and budget.

We have fine art and photography for any home.

Commission Art

If you're looking for a specific subject or you want to use your own props, Scott can transform your idea into a masterpiece that will last generations.

This is Scott Jacobs

Expertise & History

Having emerged from his beginnings as Harley-Davidson's inaugural licensed motorcycle artist, Scott now stands firmly in the heart of American fine art culture. Whether your preference lies in biker art, car art, lifestyle depictions, bar scenes, or contemporary game-room aesthetics, you'll discover a wealth of options here.

A Love Affair with Family

Scott has honed his craft across a diverse array of genres throughout his two-decade career. His contemporary art interpretations, rendered through canvas giclées, paintings, canvas prints, and posters, have garnered acclaim in major art collections globally, boasting an impressive clientele that includes numerous celebrities.

The Collectors Best Friend

Art aficionados relish surrounding themselves with canvas treasures that ignite their passions. Scott has conquered diverse genres over two decades. His modern art pieces adorn major collections worldwide, attracting celebrity clientele.

Over 40

Years of Experience


Unlike Any Other


South Dakota

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Scott's canvas art has been licensed for icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Harley-Davidson, Corvette, and Carroll Shelby.

Client Reviews

"One of Jacobs' most remarkable qualities is his versatility as an artist. He effortlessly transitions between genres and styles, each piece showcasing his boundless creativity and artistic vision. From hyper-realistic portraits to abstract interpretations of the world around him, Jacobs' oeuvre is as diverse as it is captivating."

Niki Prince

Art Curator

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