“Sandstone Sun”


Giclee on Canvas

Image Size: 24″ X 16″

Edition Size: 25

Olivia’s Story:

“During my last evening in Moab before making my way home, I took my friend, Travis’ advice and visited a spot he told me to check out.

I had attempted going to it that morning to capture the sunrise, but realized I was heading West into a canyon and that wasn’t ideal for any successful sunrise photos, so I decided that I’d go there as my last hike and sunset.

Once I found it, I hung out in my trunk for a bit to journal and let the sun go down a little more.  When I was ready, I made my way up the mountainside along the Colorado River, meandered through a small canyon, and scaled a collection of large rock faces which spilled out onto a huge cliff overlooking an even larger valley below.

In the distance was the arch he’d be talking about for days. I approached it in awe and found a spot to the West to sit and soak in the moment.  I waited a while as the sun slid across the sky and the tourists thinned out to capture photos.

Eventually, I was alone to enjoy the last rays of sunshine before night fell.  I said goodbye and thank you for it’s beauty and made me way down the trail back to my car for dinner in the trunk.”