“Here, Kitty Kitty” 14 X 11


Giclee on Canvas

Image Size: 14″ X 11″

Edition Size: 25

Olivia’s Story:

“I live in the forest in The Black Hills and have a Australian Shepherd, Jackson that LOVES our yard.  He sits on our back deck and quietly scans the property from deer, turkeys, and especially squirrels.

One Sunday morning in January 2021, I let him out to go to the bathroom.  A few minutes later, I came to our backdoor to bring him inside when I saw a long brown animal loping up the hill 15 yards from my house!  It was a mountain lion! 

I was frozen in shock and awe, but even more so when I saw Jackson chasing it!  A few long strides later, the lion was at the base of a skinny pine tree and climbed 35 feet into the air within seconds. 

By this time, I ran outside brefoot and pantless screaming for Jackson to get his butt inside.  He was standing at the bottom of the tree, tail wagging, waiting for the big squirrel to come down.  Luckily, he came running to me moments later. 

Once I knew my animals were safe inside, I ran around the house searching for my long lens so I could capture this rare opportunity.

I got my camera set up as fast as possible, my shoelaces tied, and ventured outside to take pictures before the moment was gone forever. 

As soon as I opened the door, the lion’s skeptical eyes were on me and never left.  We watched each other for a few minutes as I snapped pictures and told her I wouldn’t hurt her unless she hurt any of my animals.

I’m fully aware that I coexist with the local wildlife – I just never thought I’d encounter one so close to my backdoor!”

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