Bessi (Unframed)


Giclee on Canvas

Olivia’s Comments:

“After a long bicycle ride through the Alps in Southern Germany, we stopped to grab refreshments at a local Gasthaus before making our way back to our rental.  Right next to the tavern was an open fields of dairy cows.  I started shooting a cow closest to me when I heard my husband shout, ‘hey, this one looks like a model.  Come shoot her!’

So I walked over to this ‘model cow’ and was surprised by how photogenic she was!  She just stood there within a few feet of me and let me take her picture.  It was a great experience and she’s just so adorable.

Later, I learned that these cows are where most of Bavaria gets their milk!  So I shot a famous Bavarian cow.  Too bad I didn’t ask for her signature.”