Kool Deadwood Nights

First off, these last few days have been amazing!  I love cars and being here has felt like I jumped in a time machine and went back to the 50s, 60s and 70s…  I wish!


The Story


For the last twenty years, people have been driving their classic cars to Deadwood, SD for Kool Deadwood Nights where vehicles are judged, auctioned, and admired.


I spent the first evening walking around one parking lot in town because that’s all I could take in!


Here are some photos.  You can view some of my Live videos on our Facebook Fan Page, here.



classic 1969 road runner


They had cute hoola hoop contests and The Twist dance competitions for the kids during the weekend.  We all know what it’s like to have bored kids at these kinds of “adult events”.






Some old cars with new-age flare.



Friday – Day 2:

Every street in Deadwood was packed with cars and people after the Classic Car Auction held in Deadwood Mountain Grand.  I grabbed my camera and headed down the street towards Tin Lizzie‘s where they had another parking lot FULL of them!

beautiful grill


Don’t you think that he should paint some of these cars?!  Look at all that chrome!





pick up truck front end



Saturday – Day 3


Today is Scott’s big day with Gary Lewis & The Playboys!


Last week, Scott got a text from Gary Lewis asking him if he’s be interested in sitting in on a song to play drums during his performance in Deadwood.


Scott immediately agreed, so that’s pretty much all we heard him talk about until the day of!



sound check on Deadwood Main Street



Here’s Scott showing the band where our store is on Main Street.  They later came by and hung out for a couple hours.



sound check with Gary Lewis and the Playboys drummer


Scott getting on the drums

The show started at 8pm and Scott wasn’t expected to play until halfway through so the two of us hung out backstage until Gary asked if someone had a camera to take a photo of him in front of the huge crowd.  I guess I was the one to do it, so I ran up and got a cool shot of him in Deadwood!

Gary Lewis on stage in Deadwood

A little bit later, Scott said “uh oh” right before Gary called him up to the stage.

(Video below.)





A pretty cool shot of The Band and the feel of the stage.  What do you think?



Scott drumming in his Jacobs Gallery shirt




I love that I was able to capture Scott in the Drummer’s Zone.  I admire people with musical talent, because I don’t have it!







Thank you all for reading!


We will see you again soon for the upcoming events!


You can follow all of them, here.



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  1. Gladys Marie on 08/30/2016 at 12:34 PM

    Really “Kool” Thanks for the moment.

  2. Chip Harding on 10/12/2016 at 7:10 PM

    Thanks for sharing! Very cool!