Deadwood’s 2017 SnoCross Races

Deadwood had its 5th Annual SnoCross races where pros and young racers came to kick up snow and push their snowmobiles to their limit.  Although I couldn’t attend because I was with Scott in CA getting our Spring collection ready, my husband, Jared and mom, Sharon went to be my eyes and ears so I could share the weekend of fun with you.




Friday’s Races


Gates opened at noon to give the crowds time to settle into their seats before the practice races started at 12:50.

Buck and Traci of Lovell Photography went to the races for me to capture moments behind the scenes where the racers was getting themselves and their vehicles ready.

Some were wheeling their snowmobiles to their rigs to have the final adjustments done, others were getting ready near the start line in hopes of placing first, and this cute little couple below was simply enjoying their last moments before their names were called.


boy and girl hanging out before the race

in the pits at Deadwood's SnoCross


People from different countries also came to the race to make a name for themselves and build their ranking in America, which was cool because I had no idea this race was that big!


young girl rider and her snowmobile

My thumbs twitches when snow is forecasted sweatshirt


The practice races began and the 400-pound snowmobiles flew through the air and landed as if they only weighed a fraction of that.  The practices gave everyone a small taste for what they were about to experience.


Snocross racer in deadwood


And then…


The kids started and totally blew everyone away.  The video below shows the 8-10 year olds tearing it up!  I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to share that track with them.  :O


Saturday Afternoon


Jared, Sharon, and Danial left the gallery midday to walk over to the Days of 76 Grounds where the races were being held.

The daytime races included more children and teens shredding up the track with their agility and speed.

“The kids were fast, the teens were faster, but the pros were mind blowing” said Sharon.  “Seeing so many people start a race at the same time on such a small track was crazy!”

Sharon, Jared, and Dan left after a couple hours to thaw since it was in the 30s.  Though it was a beautiful sunny day, the 30s are still the 30s.


Saturday Night


The moment everyone was waiting for!  It was time for the Pro Racers to take the stage.  Pros like Tucker Hibbert, Ross Martin, Robbie Malinoski, Jennifer Pare, and Tim Tremblay were there to stake their claim in The Black Hills.

You haven’t seen a snowmobile fly until you’ve watched a Pro Race.  Here is a short clip to give you an idea.



All in all, it was an exhilarating weekend full of excitement, suspense, and quality time with friends and family.  Sharon and Jared have described the event to me so well that there is no way I am missing next year!

The races were aired on CBS Sports Network and 60,000 people attended making 2017 their best year yet!  We hope you will join us next year to make 2018 even bigger!


Till next time,