Main Street Initiative Cleanup

In my opinion, Deadwood is one of the most unique US towns I’ve ever visited and now I am fortunate enough to live near it.  Deadwood is best known for its involvement in the Gold Rush as well as being home for some famous name from US History like Wild Bill Hickok, Seth Bullock, Calamity Jane, Potato Creek Johnny, to name a few.

This cute little town nestled in The Black Hills of South Dakota is a location that exudes history.  It is hard to ignore its past because most of the buildings look like you stepped back in a time machine.  It’s like expecting to see Wild Bill and Calamity Jane at Saloon No. 10 having a whiskey at one of the poker tables.

Folks like this guy help keep the nostalgia alive as he plays the banjo in front of The Bloody Nose Saloon.

Because of our love for history and preservation, I have become a member of the Main Street Initiative Committee to help keep the town’s character in tact and make sure that any new events, town improvements fall in line with the vision of the entire town.  The Committee consists of mainly business owners, city staff, and residents that want to make a difference in Historic Deadwood.


As a way to show our love, we recently participated in a cigarette butt clean up on Main Street.  With all of our Summer events, there tends to be a whole lot of trash that gets carelessly thrown on the ground (when there are plenty of trash cans in town).

Our group of Earth Lovers came prepared with brooms, trash bags, gloves, and trash picker uppers.

According to a recent report, Deadwood has become one of the Top 5 new towns for tourists to visit.  Because of the influx of visitors, we’ve noticed that Main Street has seen even more trash than before!  With our group of volunteers, we hope to motivate local businesses to want to participate and take pride in the overall look of the town.

First impressions are everything, right?