Steampunk Carhart Gauge #2084


Professionally welded, wired and handcrafted in the Midwest by a family owned & operated company. Each lamp is unique and assigned its own serial number for authentication.
See specific details and sizing below.


  • Antique 6″ Steam/pressure gauge from the early 1900’s
  • Tractor gear base
  • 1930’s brass water meter
  • Grease Cap
  • Industrial power on/off switch mounted on the back of the meter
  • Assembled with various plumbing pipe fittings, some new and some old


  • Dimensions: 28h x 18w x 8d (inches)
  • Weight 38 lbs.
  • Three wire power system, with approved connectors and wiring, with a ground wire added for safety
  • Includes 2 Edison bulbs

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