“The Riding’s on the Wall”


Giclee on Canvas

Two sizes available:  30″ X 17″ / 50″ X 28″

Edition Sizes: 77 / 10

Artist’s Notes:

This is the official Sturgis Rally painting for 2017.

“Being born in the late 50s, Sting Ray’s were a very popular bicycle when I was growing up.

I wanted to paint a piece that would bring back the emotion I had as a kid riding my own bicycle and wishing I was on a motorcycle.  I’d even clip a playing card to my spokes to make it sound like I had an engine.

I hope that when people see the completed work, it will bring them back to a happy place in their life also”, says Scott.

Need assistance?

For available serial numbers and framing, call 605-559-1876

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