“Hello, Sunshine”


Giclee on Canvas

Image Sizes: 8″ X 10″ | 16″ X 20″

Edition Sizes: 25 of each

Olivia’s Story:

“After a long bicycle ride through the Alps in Southern Germany, I stopped to grab refreshments at a local Gasthaus before making my way back to my Airbnb. 

Next to the tavern was a large field of cows and an island of massive sunflowers.  I was drawn to them and when I got closer, I noticed a lone bee flying around one of them.

Since I care about my impact on the planet, I know that bees are suffering from pesticides and over development.  They are a critical part in the survival of all living organisms and keeping a healthy ecosystem.

I got on my tiptoes to get as close to the sunflower as I could, then patiently waited for the bee to stop buzzing around.  As soon as he sat still, I clicked this shot. 

Quickly after, the bee flew away as if he knew why I was capturing him; to bring awareness to protecting the dwindling bee population and the survival of the natural world.

I titled it Hello, Sunshine, because of the life bees bring to our world and the sunflower he sits on.”