“Buck It” 35 X 15


Giclee on Canvas

Image Size: 36″ X 15″

Edition Size: 25

Olivia’s Story:

“On a crisp morning in March 2019, I was in the pasture with my camera. The horses hadn’t been out in a couple days because of snowstorms, so this was their first time they got to stretch their legs and have fun. I just happened to be at the right place, at the right time to capture this moment of pure freedom.

The horse in the middle is my newest horse, Bolt. He’s a blue-eyed 16hh Paint. The two Sorrels are rescues my mom saved from a slaughterhouse in 2017. The one on the left is named Sky and the one on the right is her mother, Scarlett. For me, the most emotional part of this image is seeing the transformation in Scarlett.

When she stepped off the trailer in 2017, we were in shock because she was skin and bones with a dreaded mane and tail. She was terrified and clearly beaten in her previous life.

To see her running freely in an open field brings tears to my eyes and everyone that has known her since she arrived wide-eyed and fearful only two years ago.”

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