Motorcycle Cannonball 2018

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In the vintage motorcycle world, September on an even year means only one thing; Motorcycle Cannonball Run!  Riders from all around the globe fly to the East Coast of the US to either partake in or send off the riders at the Starting Line.

This September celebrates the fifth biennial Motorcycle Cannonball Run and we couldn’t be more excited for everyone in it.

Unfortunately for Scott and Sharon, this is the first time in four Cannonball Runs that they are not participating!

scott jacobs and sharon jacobs on the cannonball run 2014, photo by Michael Lichter

After Scott’s accident in 2016, his right shoulder can’t withstand rides longer than a couple hours.  Holding onto handlebars in the extended position added with bumps from the road is all too painful to endure for over two weeks and hundreds of miles a day.

Anyone remember this photo below?

It was a screen shot from my FaceTime call with my parents when they were waiting to have X-rays taken in the Maryland hospital.  As you can imagine, I was hysterical seeing my dad broken and vulnerable like that.

scott jacobs on stretcher after 2016 cannonball crash

Luckily for the Jacobs Family (Cannonball addicts), the finish for Stage #9 of the 2018 Run was in Sturgis so we all drove over that evening to visit with our Motorcycle Family.

sharon jacobs, jared chrisman, robert gustavsson, and dean bordigioni reunited during the 2018 cannonball run

On the way from Deadwood to Sturgis, Scott and Sharon passed Jody Perewitz #79 on her 1928 Harley-Davidson JD and Doug Feinsod #18 on his 1909 Excelsior.jody perewitz riding into Sturgis during the mc cannonballjody perewitz's photo of scott and sharon jacobs

Over 100 vintage bikes were parked in front of the Harley-Davidson Rally Point in downtown Sturgis for visitors to take pictures and admire this rolling museum.

The smell of oil and gasoline made me begin reminiscing about my days on the 2012 Run.  When Scott, Sharon and the rest of the crew made it to the halfway point in Sturgis, they took one rest day and then Alexa and I followed on our bikes all the way to the finish line in San Francisco!

the jacobs family at the golden gate bridge during the 2012 cannonball run

Oh, how I miss the open road and a long day of riding ahead of me!

Cannonball Rest Day

After the racers caught up on forgotten tasks like laundry, showering, fixing broken parts, and sleeping in, Scott and Sharon invited a group of the riders to their home for a dinner that didn’t include pulled pork and beans.

It also happened to be Robert (Big Swede’s) birthday, so we let him take over the kitchen and cook some of his favorite Swedish dishes while Sharon prepared yummy vegetable dishes and for the Cannonball crew

Sharon also enjoyed playing Sous Chef while Robert was in his Zone.

sharon and big swede robert) cooking for the cannonball crew in south dakota

While Sharon and Swede were cooking, the rest of the crew was being educated by Jared, Primal Roots Wellness Coaching on healthy fats and other topics most of us aren’t aware of.

Look at how captivated his audience is.  Proud wife. 🙂

2018 cannonball team vino at jacobs house for dinner

Well, dinner was delicious!

Dean kicked butt grilling the Wild Idea buffalo steaks to perfection, Robert amazed us with his red wine reduction and Sharon, as always, awakened our tastebuds with her array of spices that fit together so beautifully.

cannonball rest day at the jacobs house

After our bellies were full of the healthy stuff, we indulged in cheesecake and sang Robert happy birthday.

What a better person to sing happy birthday than Pat Simmons of The Doobie Brothers!cris sommer-simmons and pat simmons of the doobie brothers

Because Pat is still quite the Rockstar touring the world, he had to cut his race short in order to perform at a few concerts on the West Coast with the Eagles.

pat simmons and scott jacobs

Tuesday Morning – Stage #10 Start

Scott, Sharon and I woke up at 5am to meet the Cannonballers at the Starting Line in Sturgis.

early morning starting line for cannonball run 2018

It just so happened to be the same location as 2012 when Alexa and I joined in on the race, so it kicked up all kinds of memories for me.

Everyone in Class I, the Century Old Classification, rolled out at 6:45am including Scott’s old race partner, Dean Bordigioni #13 on his 1923 Harley-Davidson who was in second place in the morning.  By the end of the day, he finished in first place!

riders rolling out at the sturgis starting line

When the announcer called Class II forward to the starting line, he asked if Sharon would be his flag girl.

For those who are unaware of Sharon’s race face; she always has the BIGGEST smile anytime she’s around vintage motorcyclists.

sharon jacobs being flag girl for the 2018 cannonball run start

She was also dubbed “the cutest flag girl” this woman photographer had ever seen.sharon jacobs the flag girl

I could tell my parents both wished they were on the race.  The excitement of watching their friends mount these ancient bikes brought tears to my mom’s eyes (and even mine).

Scott is a little tougher to read, but I know he was bummed his shoulder was holding him back from something he enjoyed so much.scott jacobs watching the racers of the cannonball run

What I love most about the Cannonball Run is how it has brought so many wonderful people together to push themselves and their toys to their limit.

Even though their bikes break down on a daily, you’ll never see them not smiling.

I don’t know where my life would be without these beautiful souls.

buck carson motorcycle cannonball rider
Buck Carson #3
paul dorleans #38 cannonball run racer
Paul d’Orleans #38
jody perewitz cannonball rider
Jody Perewitz #79
cris simmons and sharon jacobs at the starting line of the motorcycle cannonball
Cris Sommer-Simmons #89

Even though it was a chilly morning and we woke up before the sun, these loving, friendly faces made it all worth it.

We wish everyone on the race a soft seat, warm hands and feet, and a safe arrival for the rest of your fifteen-day adventure across the USA.

scott jacobs, olivia jacobs, sharon jacobs, pat simmons, tom bordigioni, cannonball run 2018

Future Cannonballer signing out,


Follow the rest of the Cannonball Race, here.

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