Deadwood – May Update

Updates from Deadwood

I know that it’s been a while since I last updated you on what’s happening in Deadwood, but before I do, I’d love to share exciting personal news.  I’m engaged!  😀

Here’s Jared and me at the T.A. Moulton Barn in Jackson, WY at the base of the Grand Tetons.

Olivia and Jared are engaged!

Ok, enough about me; back to Deadwood…

Week 1

When we arrived to Jacobs Gallery, we were pleasantly surprised to see our crew installing newly refinished doors!

Leslie (below) has been doing a great job sanding and staining the front doors.  Four out of the eight will be show windows with their doors open into the store behind glass.

While Leslie made the front of the first level nice and new, Rodney hung out the second story windows to paint the trim!  It’s amazing what a new coat of white paint can do!


Refinishing our front doors


As we walked inside and saw our freshly painted walls and fireplace being textured, Sharon became overwhelmed with joy as you can see her happy tears.  Isn’t she cute?



Later in the week, we all woke up early to meet Tim of Flat Earth at the building.  Today was the day our sign was going up outside!

As we ate breakfast down the block, we saw Tim’s truck and our sign drive by, so we ran out to admire and take pics of our pretty new sign.

Us Jacobs with the Jacobs Gallery sign before it goes up!  IMG_3382

But first, we had them put the Goldberg 1876 plaque up to honor Deadwood’s original German founder, Jacob Goldberg.


Up, up it goes!

You think Sharon’s excited?  All the months spent in meetings, getting permits, being covered in dust, and breaking our backs doing manual labor are beginning to pay off.

Sharon and Scott Jacobs watching their store sign go up


Sharon and Scott Jacobs proudly standing below their sign

Week 2

We were able to pick up cabinets for our Check Out counters yesterday too!  It’s all coming together so quickly at this point.

Scott’s doing manual labor too!  It’s weird not seeing him at the easel.

Jacobs Gallery checkout counterScott sanding down a front door

Follow our progress at #JacobsGalleryDeadwood!