“Never Forget” – A Tribute to Our Soldiers

Scott Jacobs painting a patriotic image called Never Forget

Over the course of two years, Scott’s paintings have taken a deeper, more meaningful direction. Perhaps it’s because he’s getting older. It may also be because of the state of our country. All I can say is that I can see and feel it too. Social media and News Channels have made a fortune spotlighting…

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A New Patriotic Painting

Scott Jacobs with his completed patriotic painting, America first

Scott has been working his butt off, like usual, but the paintings he’s been creating lately have followed the same theme: Patriotism. The Making of “America First” The first image we’ll discuss is a bit different than what you’d expect from Scott. “I’ve been painting photorealism for over three decades.  With this style, I’m controlled by…

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