A Horse Named Benjamin

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A Horse Named Benjamin?

Here’s the story of Todd Jacobs’ newest release.

A couple years ago, Todd started focusing on Sunset Paintings, because he loves how something so simple like a sunset can cause you stop and appreciate all that is around you.  In Todd’s words, “sunsets are calming, they blow me away, and they help me to be in awe of the natural beauty of God’s creation.”

He started working on a horse sunset painting, but put it on pause to explore other subjects like Western Scenes and nostalgic images such as “Dead Man’s Hand” and “First Flight.”

Moving out to South Dakota made him more acquainted with horses and Western Culture which broadened his subject matter even more.

He says, “There’s something about horses grazing in their natural habitat that is inspiring. Watching horses doing what they’re made to do inspires me to do what I was made to do… paint!”


This past January, our family took a trip to Texas where we stayed in the hill country with Todd’s cousin Scotty (who is really more like his brother) and his wife Katy, and their two sons, Benjamin and Caleb. This was the first time either of us had a chance to meet each other’s kids. Todd had so much fun playing with his 2-year-old “nephew” Ben, who LOVES horses. Todd even insisted we get him a horse stuffed animal while we were there.

Shortly after we got home from that trip, he was inspired to finish the horse painting he had started over a year ago. He titled the painting after his favorite little horse-loving toddler, Benjamin.

Scott (Todd’s uncle) has told Todd that it is one of his best-executed paintings he’s ever done. My personal favorite part is the eye. I wanted him to make sure the horse looked like he could see you, so he captured a little glimmer in his eye. This piece has already led him to more horse commissioned paintings.

Who knew a 2-year-old would be such a great inspiration!


Like most acrylic artists, starting a painting requires many layers to block in a solid color.  Todd started with finishing the background first since the horse will be painted over the sunset.

Adding More Acrylic Paint

From there, he begins building on the solid black to add highlights to the outer edges of the horse.  It wouldn’t be solid black if you were in the actual setting so Todd begins adding a medium gray over the horse’s neck to use as the base of its mane.

The Details

Once the main layers of this horse painting are on and dried, Todd begins adding small details to make it really pop.  He added highlights around the horse and its mane to make it look like the sun is hitting off him.


Giclee on Canvas / Two Sizes Available

Click the image for more info.

We hope you enjoy the painting as much as we do!


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