Scott Jacobs in Motorcycle Accident

I wanted to give you all an update on Scott's shoulder and timeline of when he thinks he will be able to paint again.

As most of you already know, Scott endured a traumatic injury on the second day of the Motorcycle Cannonball last month when he encountered unexpected gravel on the road.

scott jacobs in maryland hospital after motorcycle accident

For those that aren't up to speed...

Scott and Sharon signed up to race two 1915 Harley-Davidson's across the country.  Going from New Jersey to California, they'd take 17 days alongside 70-100 other vintage motorcycle riders.

Day 2 of the Race

Scott was in for a surprise when he rode up on unexpected gravel at an intersection.

In an effort to save himself from being run over by intersecting traffic, he laid his 1915 Harley down on the left side to slow himself down.  As he slid across the ice-like road as if he were a dirt track racer, his left foot peg stuck into the ground and catapulted him in the opposite direction where he landed on his right shoulder and head.

scott jacobs on stretcher going to hospital after motorcycle accident

Scott was rushed to the hospital where he stayed for almost a week.

His accident resulted in a four-part humerus fracture, 75% bicep tear, and shoulder replacement.


scott jacobs heading to hospital after accident on vintage motorcycle Cannonball Run

The X-rays below show Scott's broken humeral bone (top) and his new artificial humeral bone after the surgery (bottom).


scott jacobs' shoulder surgery before and after

Scott is currently undergoing Physical Therapy three times a week where they will help with his mobility.  He is expected to continue therapy for another 3-6 months before he can consider picking up a paintbrush.

We appreciate all of your love and support through this difficult time.

Keep sending all of your words of encouragement.


It truly helps him!

Thank you,

8 thoughts on “Update: Scott’s Motorcycle Accident

  1. Deborah Schmidt says:

    Scott, so glad to see you’re on the road to recovery! Physical therapy is a vital part of the process, stick with it. My husband and I are huge fans of your work, both for your realism style and your themes, as we are Harley folks! You’ll be painting again really soon, take care of yourself in the meantime. Sending white light your way!

  2. Salut Amis Letty says:

    Blessings Scott God will heal your pain and your broken bones. We need your talent in art but your recovery is most important. Hope you get well soon.

  3. Theresa says:

    You got this Scott!!! Your on my nightly prayer list and in the morning when I get up I send out healing light and peace…. joy! A lil birdie told me for you not to worry you’ll be good as new. Healing energy is on it’s way! In the morning when you rise I want you to say this, Good as new! When you go to sleep at night the same thing, say Good as new! Jesus is my best friend and he’s my lil birdie, he’s been with me my whole life and boy did I need him! Bless you Scott and you’re whole family! Great things are coming of this I’m sure be on the look out! Smile somebody loves you allot!

  4. Gregg says:

    The picture of you crashing is one that we wish you never painted. But seeing you bounce back will be more memorable!
    Praying for a full recovery and return to your fascinating life. Easier knowing how close and supportive your family is.

  5. Sylvia from Germany says:

    All my best wishes and a fast recovery. But I know from myself you need to be patient….
    All the best!!

  6. Lindajo says:

    The key to recovery through physical therapy is patience. It can be a very slow process. Hang in there and do the exercises faithfully. Never give up. A year from now, perhaps two, you will be back to normal. The strength and dexterity will return..just takes time.

  7. Bruce says:

    Hey it”s the fat guy in KC with the tattoo on his ear. I just found out…My prayers are for your speedy recovery!

    • Olivia Jacobs says:

      Hi Bruce,

      Haha I like how to refer to yourself. 😛

      Scott is doing well, thank you for your prayers!

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