Handmade Pens by Allywood


Our collection of Allywood Pens are constantly changing, so if you are interested in them, please call 605 559-1876 and we’ll happily email or text you photos of our current inventory.

Alex’s Story

“I made my first wood project at age six and started woodshop in 7th grade.  I continued classes in high school with hopes for a date to Prom being the only girl!

I was born with a rare, life-threatening disease called Fanconi Anemia (FA).  I’ve survived difficult bone marrow transplants, chemotherapy and endured multiple hand surgeries being born without a functioning thumb and limited hand muscles.  Doctors said I would probably not be able to tie my own shoes.  

The life expectancy for FA is 33, so I am honored to share a part of my life through this unique creation. Now at age 22, I have a lot of work to do.

Each pen is made with love and hope for more creations in the future.”

– Alex Pearl

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