The Story

This was the first painting Scott’s oldest daughter, Olivia had ever been in.  The backdrop takes place in Spearfish Canyon, South Dakota and depicts a biker chick redoing her lipgloss on her ride through the canyon during Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

It was also the Official Sturgis piece and magazine cover for the rally in 2008 where Olivia made appearances all throughout the area as the Cover Girl.

This painting was the first of Scott’s to include two events in one image: Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and the 105th Anniversary for Harley-Davidson Motor Company.

The original took over 700 hours to complete and has never left his possession even after a collector offered him $138,000 for it!

Click to view the print of “In Your Dreams”.

Want to learn more from Scott? Click the video below!

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8 thoughts on “Monthly Masterpiece, “In Your Dreams”

  1. Dawn says:

    I bought one of these prints after seeing Scott @ Rapid City in 2012. My boyfriend was totally taken with the print so I surprised him with a Christmas present that he truly loves. Great detail and wonderful art!

    • Olivia Jacobs says:

      What a wonderful Christmas present and girlfriend. I hope you both are enjoying it as much as we do.

  2. Dawn says:

    Scott’s art brings a whole new level to Harley art with his attention to detail. Very Well Done!!!

  3. Dan McConnell says:

    I met Scott and Olivia in Rapid City in 2008, and bought an artists proof that both signed. It is still my favorite piece of art.

    • Olivia Jacobs says:

      Thank you for your support Dan!

      If you have time, please rate the actual piece to allow others hear what you love about it!

  4. Jim Cordell says:

    We met Olivia & Sharon in the store in Deadwood last week whilst over from the UK , got a photo of Olivia next to the painting “Gimme Shelter”. We all loved the artwork, very talented man indeed & very nice pople

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