The Story

As Summer grew near, Scott knew that he had to create a memorable painting for the 77th Annual Sturgis Rally.

In The Black Hills, we experience hundreds of thousands of visitors in the summer that want to see our famous landmarks and visit during the notorious Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

Since we now call The Black Hills our home, we knew we had to leave everyone that visited our store talking about us and wanting more.

The Creation Of A Major Success…

Our largest demographic is born in the 50s and 60s, so Scott thought of the idea to use a classic Schwinn Stingray in his next release.

Every section of the painting was meticulously completed by a tiny paintbrush (size 10/0 to be exact, which simply means a SUPER tiny brush) and acrylic paint.
As the painting came further along, we were all able to see what the story of the painting was…
Look closely at the boy’s shadow.
Scott depicts a young boy racing down an alley on his bicycle and imagining that he’s on a Harley-Davidson.
Side tangent: Isn’t it ironic that as a kid, we wish we could be grown up and as an adult, we wish we could be a child again?
In case you didn’t already know; one of Scott’s last paintings in his Children Series was the famous, “Caught in a Daydream” from ‘98!
My sister, Alexa (the blonde) modeled in the painting as a family friend’s son, Anthony daydreamed about one day riding his dad’s ’62 CHP.
caught in a daydream painting by scott jacobs

Click. Available as a tin sign.

The Final Touch

Upon the completion of an original painting, Scott always signs the back with the title, his name, signature, and the year it was finished.

And of course, I had to document it on FB Live Video!

Words From Scott

“Being born in the late 50s, Sting Ray’s were a very popular bicycle when I was growing up.

I wanted to paint a piece that would bring back the emotion that I had as a kid riding my own bicycle wishing I was on an actual motorcycle.  I’d even clip a playing card to my spokes to make it sound like I had an engine.

I hope that when people see the completed work, it brings them back to a happy place in their life.”


The Finished Product

the completed painting, The Riding's on the Wall by Scott Jacobs

The 2017 Sturgis painting, “The Riding’s on the Wall”


Scott Jacobs' completed painting, The Riding's on the Wall
Two sizes:  30″ X 17″ / 50″ X 28″

Edition Sizes: 77 / 10



4 thoughts on “Scott’s 2017 Sturgis Rally Painting

  1. Charles says:

    Just recived my picture today 8/15/17 . Had a spot waiting for it can’t believe how much better it looks in person .
    Bought back a flood of memeories of my dad .

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