It’s been a while since I had time to write you with Sturgis Rally and Kool Deadwood Nites going on in Deadwood.

Now that both are over, I wanted to share what’s next on the agenda.

Since Harley-Davidson is having their 115th Anniversary, we are heading to Wisconsin to celebrate during the Milwaukee Rally August 29th to September 3rd!

Are you going?  If so, you can find us outside the Harley Museum in the Artisan Tent.

harley-davidson museum

This Anniversary is a big deal for the Motor Company and for us being one of their licensees.  To top it off, as most of you know, Scott is also celebrating his 25th year being their first licensed fine artist!

With all of these years under our belt, Scott has released FOUR 115th Wine & Spirits paintings for the Rally/Anniversary!

Want to see them?  Keep scrolling…  ??scott working on his 115th anniversary painting

During Sturgis, Scott started working on the paintings in the Gallery to be able to finish them in time.  If you were in Deadwood during the Rally, you probably saw him in his paint-covered apron with his nose in a canvas.

scott working on the 115th anniversary painting for harleyscott working on the hdmc bourbon painting

“I am extremely happy with this collection.  I chose not to paint a motorcycle for the Anniversary because I didn’t want to limit my audience.  Most people enjoy one of the four alcohol types I painted, so I changed it up.”

Smokin’ Legend & Legendary Pour

Where Legends Playwhere-legends-play-scott-jacobs-115-anniversary harley painting

Genu-Wine Legendgenu-wine legend wine painting by scott jacobs

**Because these are Limited Time Editions, we cannot hold particular numbers.

We will sell the edition in order and on September 30th, we will cease to sell more.

If you love more than one and would like to match numbers, we can see if the editions are near the same amount sold.  If they are, we can assign you matching ones, but something to consider is if one is selling better than the other, we can’t guarantee it.  If you love the pieces, I recommend buying them matching numbers or not.


Now, if you want to celebrate the Anniversary in a more special way, check out the item below…

Anniversary Edition Suite


  • This Limited Edition Suite comes in an elegant Custom Portfolio Case designed by Scott Jacobs and Danial James.
  • The four 15″ X 22″ Giclees are printed with a black border and placed on individual display boards with a sheet of vellum paper for extra protection and class.
  • To top it off, a hand-painted print of the 115th Anniversary Logo will be placed on the inside of each portfolio.
  • Only 25 portfolios are being made.  Talk about unique!


I hope you are just as happy as we are with Scott’s celebratory paintings.

If you have any questions, please contact your Rep or the Gallery 605 559-1876.

**They are also available online so if you know you want them unframed, that’s a quick and easy way to place your order.  View Here.


Thank you!

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