Olivia Jacobs

Scott’s oldest daughter, Olivia has typically worked behind the scenes, running the business and keeping her. family of Creatives organized.  People would frequently ask her if she was artistic like her father. 

Her reply was typically, no, because she never grew much enthusiasm for painting like her dad or her younger sister, Alexa.  

It wasn’t until 2014, that she began to show an interest in photography when she got her first Canon.  Her passion for capturing the world on camera has only grown after moving to South Dakota where natural beauty is in abundance.

She points and shoots at things she has a deep-seated love for.  Everything from her horses, wildlife, old wood structures, and other eye-catching subjects we tend to look past. 

Her photos tell a story of simpler times with a subtle focus on the fragility of the natural world and our importance to strive for sustainability. 

She continues to seek more knowledge and strives to capture moments that move people the same way they moved her when she was there.

photographer, olivia jacobs-chrisman also known as liv photography

Liv Photography

South Dakota