2009 – Scott’s Official Sturgis Painting

This painting depicts a story of a biker pulling over to admire Mount Rushmore for the first time.  He sits on his bagger and contemplates the complexity and beauty of such an iconic American landmark, hence the title, “Face to Face”.

Few people know that the model in the painting is Scott’s late father, Dallas.

It was his first time coming to South Dakota and he had no idea that when he got out of the car at Mount Rushmore that he’d be the model for Scott’s Official 69th Sturgis painting.

Scott and his sister, Kim simply started dressing their dad up in heavy boots, a bandana and other biker gear.

There was a Screamin’ Eagle CVO parked in the background with a custom leather jacket with his name on it.  Thanks to Black Hills Harley-Davidson.

Watch the Video of its Creation

7 thoughts on “Monthly Masterpiece, “Face To Face”

    • Olivia Jacobs says:

      Hi Raymond,

      The small size framed is $1,030 with only six left. There is also a large version available.

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