Now that you watched the video, I can share in detail what’s happening currently.

motorcycle pods have been installed

Motorcycles will sit on top of these pods

As most of you know, Scott Jacobs Studio has quite an impressive vintage motorcycle collection and what better place to display them than in this beautiful building?
Each pod will proudly display a motorcycle from the Jacobs’ Collection for anyone that walks in to admire.

Oh, and in case you were wondering; that adorable Australian Shepherd hanging out is Rascal, the Jacobs Gallery Deadwood dog.

Rascal, the Australian Shepherd

We chose to frame and sheetrock certain parts of the building either to protect brittle areas of brick or to hide spaces in the building that looked like the original builder was drinking on the job…  Apparently levels didn’t exist back then.
There are also original sections of the building that we exposed and are now showcasing.  Areas near the Hat Room (aka Meat Locker) now have the original brick that was put in place in 1876.


Here’s Paul and Sharon discussing the plans for the main fireplace that will sit near the front of the store (in the white boxed in space in the photo).

Everyone will be able to sit by the fire and admire the glassware and other bar accessories that will be displayed on either side of the fireplace.
We are continuing to keep the integrity of the building and town by using the original Main Street cobblestone as the hearth and finding vintage chairs to finish off the look.

The original owner's loft from 1876 is staying

The red staircase and railing are being replaced within the next couple weeks to bring it to Code.  Right now, the railing is about ten inches too low!

The office above our storage room (on the right) is going to be Sharon’s and mine where we will be able to watch over the entire Goldberg side.

The Private Viewing Room is to the left in the back of the photo.  This will be a private place where our customers can view a piece of art they are considering adding to their home.

We will be working directly with a local company, SoDak Honest that repurposes fallen down trees and other items to make our tables, benches and retail fixtures.

New ceiling joists are in

Now on the Treber side, we have the commercial kitchen sheet-rocked and ready for appliances to be installed.  Good news is that the Department of Health approved the area so we will be able to serve snacks and coffee, etc later down the road.

New straight ceiling joists!

I took this photo just to give you an idea of how crooked everything is here.  Can you see how the new beams we just installed drops down lower on the left side than they do on the right?  That shows us that the ceiling on the Treber is leaning with the street.

Thankfully, Paul and his team have now made it all make sense again.

Girls road trip to South Dakota

Here is the fearless team that made 46 hours in our Sprinter van fly by.

Follow our story on Instagram, #SODAKgirlstrip.

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