Lovell Photography

Buck Lovell began photographing motorcycles professionally in 1978. His first published article featured a 1941 Crocker motorcycle restored by the late Stan Dishong.  It can be seen in a 1979 issue of Iron Horse Magazine.

Around the same time, Buck was also photographing wildlife for the Environmental Education Center of the recently founded San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge. His award winning photography is still being used in various educational programs.

Buck and his wife, Traci met in Northern California in the late 1980’s and discovered their shared love for American motorcycles, animals, and photography. After they relocated to Sturgis, South Dakota, Buck became the Editor of American Bagger Magazine and American Cycle Magazine. Buck and Traci began to photograph local wildlife and scenery in The Black Hills, using a 300mm f4, and 500mm f4 telephoto lens.

Buck prefers hunting with a camera than a firearm.

He says, "I can’t eat the deer and buffalo seen in my photos, but I can enjoy the images for a lifetime!”

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