We have patiently been waiting for Daytona Bike Week to arrive so that we can unveil the Official 2018 Harley Art Release!

Many of you probably remember the 2017 Sturgis painting, “The Riding’s On The Wall” and how quickly it came and went.  If you don’t own one, you were among the many that wanted to wait a couple days before deciding to pull the trigger and when you came back, it was already sold out.

How do over 100 prints sell out in four days?!

I asked Scott why he thought this piece was so successful and he replied,

“I think the Shadow Series has become a success genre in my Harley-Davidson Art career because of its nostalgic feel.  It reminds people in my generation and older of simpler times where imagination and adventure ran wild in us all.”

The 2nd of the Shadow Series, “And So It Begins”

NOTE:  We gave “The Riding’s on the Wall” collectors and Studio Insiders the opportunity to collect their matching number first before we released it to the public.  If you’d like to be one of the first to hear about new editions, sign up as an Insider on our website.  (The pop up window that asks if you’d like to join.)

We will be displaying it in our booth at Destination Daytona during Daytona Bike Week starting March 9th, so if you’re at the event, come see it in person!

Feast your eyes on Scott’s newest! ?

Click image for more info.

Giclee on Canvas
Image Size: 23″ X 17″
Edition Size:  77
Giclee on Canvas
Image Size: 38″ X 28″
Edition Size:  10  (4 left)



The training wheels on the boy’s bicycle symbolizes the safety of childhood where our parents are there to watch over us.  The little boy’s shadow of a man on a Harley represents his transition into adulthood where he will have the freedom to ride the open road and see where life takes him.


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